Headset Wearing Styles

Number of Earpieces

Headsets come either in one eared ( monaural ) or two eared ( binaural ). In general a binaural headset increases the level of concentration for the operator - diminishing background noise and delivering a full sound experience. This makes binaural headsets particularly suitable for busy workers who spend a lot of time on the phone such as call centre agents, customer services opertators or, indeed, any worker who spends a lot of time on the phone.

Conversely a worker who wishes to frequently communicate with colleagues may prefer the less obtrusive build of a monaural headset.

Wired or Wireless

Many headsets now connect to a Unified Communications platform ( such as Skype for Business ) via USB and traditional headsets connected to a telephone or telephone system via an RJ9 connection. However there are many headsets that will communicate with any platform via Bluetooth or DECT giving the user the freedom to walk and talk.

Wearing Styles

There are three main wearing syles for business/ office headsets

Over the Head Headsets

This is the 'traditional' standard wearing style for most headsets and headphones. The weight of the item is taken by a band which fits over the top of the head.

Over the ear headsets

These are predominantly lightweight monaural headsets which can clipover the ear.

Behind the Neck Headsets

These sit at the nape of the neck and are similar to the over the ear headsets, though in general are binaural and rest on the ears with the connective band running around the back of the head.