Headset Faqs

Which Headset is compatible with my phone system?

Phone systems come in many shapes and sizes from a variety of manufacturers - whilst PBX/ ISDN has been the traditional business telephone system for many years, it is now being surpassed by the advent of Cloud Telephony- also known under various names such as VoIP, IP, Hosted and SIP telephony - all of these being phone systems which route voice calls over the internet rather than PSTN/ ISDN. If you are connecting your headset directly to a PC then you will require a USB headset - but if you are connecting to a phone it is the type of phone that you are using that will determine the type of headset you need.

What sort of headset works with my telephone?

Most well designed headsets will have the facility to work with almost any business phone. Different connection leads will allow access to a variety of ports such as RJ9 which is the same connector as used to connect a telephone handset to a phone terminal.

Can I use a wireless headset with my phone?

Some workers find that a wireless headset is more convenient to wear whilst in the office. Of course if you are inclined to wander around whilst on the phone this is a necessity. Wireless ( cordless ) headsets use various methods of data transfer ( predominantly DECT or Bluetooth ) and will come with their own base station to transmit the signal. In some cases a EHS/ Handset lifter can be used to make deploying a wireless headset possible with almost any phone.

What is the best headset for my telephones?

The best headset is the one that you are most happy wearing. A good headset will, above all, deliver great sound in both directions. A headset should ideally be lightweight - especially if it will be worn for extended periods of time. On top of that a headset's ear cushions will make long time wearing far more easy to deal with.